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SUMO fusion proteins - problems with SUMO Protease (Nov/30/2006 )

Hello. I'm looking for assistance with the use of SUMO Protease 1. I am using it to liberate my protein of interest from the SUMO fusion. I've tried many of the suggestions from the manufacturer and even tested a protein standard to ensure that the enzyme is active. To get our reaction to proceed, we are forced to add a huge excess of the enzyme just to cleave submilligram quantities. Has anyone here had similar difficulties with this system?

Thanks in advance!


Hi M_G_B,

I was wondering whether you found a solution for your problem;
that is: did the SUMOprotease finally cleave your protein at a reasonable amount?
I'm considering to use the SUMOsystem myself,
but since there are so many other systems out there as well
it's hard to make a decision which one to use!