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How do you extract juice from fruits for an ABTS assay? - (Nov/28/2006 )

Extraction should have minimal contact with oxygen.


-Pumpkin plum-

Use a stream of nitrogen gas? I know you can do this for organic extractions. Essentially, you use a fine nozzle (blue pipette tip attched to rubber tubing from the N2 cylinder?). You pop the nozzle in the top of the test tube in which you have your sample. You might need to adapt this somewhat depending on what volume of juice you need and whether the actual fractions you want are organic or aqueous soluble. For instance, if you need to grind fruit, use a mortar and pestle or homogenizer with cling film to maintain a N2 environment provided by that blue tip nozzle idea. If you use a lot of water to obtain the sample try bubbling the N2 directly into the aqueous phase.

Hope that works.