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2 PCR product to be inserted into 1 expression vector - (Nov/27/2006 )

Hi all,

I am currently searching methods to clone 2 fragment of my PCR product ( 340bp and524bp ) into an expression vector. Anyone can help?

I was planing to use pBAD TA expression kit. Any suggestion?



What do you want to do exactly? Clone both of them together into one vector? Or both in separate vectors?


Both fragment into a vector. I am doing a duplex PCR, this will become my positive control for PCR and for future protein work.

I have successfully cloned the 524bp fragment into Topo TA pCR2.1 vector. Should i clone these 2 fragment into different vector first, then cut and ligate in 1 expression vector?

Any other method can directly clone these 2 A-tailing fragment into 1 expession vector?

Please help.