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Quantity One for bands - (Nov/23/2006 )

My boss wants me to use the software QuantityOne (BioRad) to analize my WB bands but nobody in the lab knows how to use it. I had a look to the manual but it´s so big and complicate... unsure.gif
Anybody can tell me how to use it? Some basic ideas? sad.gif
Any advice really appreciate.


well mazybe imageJ is easier to use... if it's ok for you boss


Thanks fred smile.gif I´ll try to convince him dry.gif smile.gif


i usually use the usual photoshop dry.gif


quantity one is easy to use..
first v hav to select a rectangular tool and select the exact area of band (box)on the scanned film/blot.then same volume is selected for background by double clicking on the selected box.
then v have to "invert the image" and choose the "more darker" option on tool bar.
then analysis option is chosen again in tool bar..
choose density and volume as options for analysis..
background willl be autozeroed.
values will be exported to clipboard and copied to an excel file..
thats all ...and its done..
if u just go thru the software,,im sure it will be easy for u to analyse ur blot..
all the best


Thanks to all of you wink.gif