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yeast two hybrid vectors - which one r u using? (Nov/23/2006 )

i am facing lots of problems with my Y2H systems lately. the kit is called PROQUEST Two-Hybrid System. the problem is in the cloning of the bait. i have been working on it for almost a year.

i have read some posts concerning compatible Y2H vectors. so i have decided to change the bait vactor. do you think it will be ok to use another vector? which properties do you think i need to consider apart from selection types, MSC?

i will appreciate it if you could also tell me which system or vectors you are using?


in the lab pGADT7 and pGBKT7 were used for 2H screen


thanks Fred.

in our lab, the library which i am going to screen has already been generated using pPC86. i don't have enough time to generate a new library. therefore, i am seeking for compatible vectors if there are any. the vector that contains Gal4 DNA binding domain is called pDBleu. is there anybody familiar with pDBleu?