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How can I dissolve 6%polyacrylamide gel? - (Nov/22/2006 )

I'm trying to obtain a 260bp DNA band from 6% polyacrylamide gel without using Gel extraction Kit. It's hard to dissolve gel slice (i tried to boil it in water for 1 hour and in QG buffer of QIAgen but I wasn't successful). I found some advices on Internet but I don't know which I can apply, can someone help me to choose or give me another advices:
1.Incubate the slice in 50ul TE overnighr at 37 deg
2.Incubate it in elution buffer at 37 deg with saking for several hours
3.Boil it in phenol/chloroform/isoamyl alcohol (25:54:1) for 10 min
I just need DNA to reamplify, so can I reamplify immediately after I dissolve the slice?
I'm looking foward some answers, thank you very much!!!!


If you need a PCR template, you can simply put a pipet tip into the band, swish it around in the PCR tube, and go. Vanishingly small amounts of template are required.


some simple electroelution procedure should be done using becher falcon 50ml tube small agarose and 2cables... and is safer for DNA than boilong in PCI i think