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storage of membranes - (Nov/17/2006 )

I use the lid of the tips boxes to store my membranes. I also incubate them in this lid, and is quite useful for me, but I don´t know if there is some kind of box of whatever to store them safety because I pile them up and specially in the fridge sometimes the all the pile falls.. .
So, what do you use?
Thanks smile.gif


You can always dry your membranes and save them in your notebook.

If you need to reprobe the membranes, you can rehydrate them.


oh, really?
I heard that even freezing them you can reprobe succesfully. But do proteins work in spite of being in the notebook? I know they are strongly attached to the membrane, but don´t they get lost?
How do you dry? Just leaving them dry or in a heater?