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Signal Transduction - control for TGF beta signaling in HEk293 and VSMC (Nov/15/2006 )


I am interesting in looking at my protein expression upon TGF beta stimulation. I have transfected my HEK 293 with my protein and am planning to stimulate them with 10 nM TGFbets for 0,4,8,16,24 hrs. I would like to have a positive control that I can blot to test that my stimulation did work. Are they any porteins that are specifically upregulated upon TGFbeta stimulation?
cell line : HEK 293, rat aortic smooth muscle cells.



TGFb-induced collagen synthesis is well documented in VSMC. What about TGF-beta-induced protein beta ig-h3, also called RGD-CAP? I think it's in VSMC.
I hope it helps.