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Invitro Antisense - Transfection (Nov/13/2002 )

Has anyone ever tried to transfect an antisense oligo into pancreatic cancer cells?

I've tried using lipofectamine as well as lipofectamine with plus reagent but I don't see any decline in my target protein expression.

I've tried transfecting 6 hours and waiting 24 hours post transfection as well as transfecting twice and waiting 24 hours with no luck.

If anyone has any advice...I would be most grateful!


Cancer cells are sometimes difficult to transfect. Most of the time, it's linked to the transfection reagent. None are working with any cell ! For cancer cells i'am used to use jetPEI (qbiogene). It's easy to use and performing well. What I love is that this is not liposome based....
Good luck.