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How many mls of blood needed to get 3 mls of serum? - (Nov/13/2006 )

I am sorry. I am a new member and I don't know how to post a question dealing with a particlular point. My question is how many mls of blood do you need to get 3 mls of serum?



welcome to the forum.

To get 3mls of serum you spin down the blood sample. Now, the tubes used are either EDTA (anti clotting) 5ml total or gel tubes, probably 7mls. EIther way, you can't tell how well the cells will pellet until you do it. I suggest you get two tubes of each from your patient/subject and pool the yield. You'll need to work out whether or not EDTA samples are preferable to gel tube samples from the work you want to do. Give me a shout if you need more info.




To get the serum it isnt necessary to use EDTA or oxalate tubes (these are for getting the plasma). U must use simple tubes. I think about 7 ml blood is necessary to get u 3 ml serum.
Good luck.


yeah, kinda 7ml full blood, u ll definetely get 3 ml of serum....

For SERUM, you cannot use EDTA or heperin etc... unless you truely meant plasma...which can be mixed up easily sometimes...

But without heperin, i found you might have more lipid stuff in the upper part which makes the aspiration harder.... but you can always re-centrifuge...