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maniatis in southern blot - (Nov/10/2006 )


can any one sendd me the chapter of southern blot from the
molecular clonnong book of maniatis ???

i didnt find the book anywhere and i didnt do or see southern blot before so i thought before buying ther chemicals to our lab i see an illustrated protocol first


if u r in japan , i can post it to u

-T. reesei-

im so sorry im not in japan
im so far away


ECL direct nucleic acid labelling instruction booklet could be a good guide to doing Southern blotting. Just follow the Southern blotting protocol on the instruction booklet.

If you decide on doing radioactive, could follow the instruction/manual provided by the manufacturer of your choice. If you decide on doing non-radioactive, look for instruction/manual according to company you desire.

Just an alternative if you can't manage to procure Maniatis' book.

-I love MSGs!-