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protein folding- looking for renaturation buffer - (Nov/10/2006 )

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with detection of my protein on nitrocelulose membrain and I think the reason is not proper folding, as for one protein detection works just fine and for the other one I have no results. I use specific peptide sequence to detect the protein , howeveer for its binding a proper folding of the protein is essential. Could anyone help here? Does anyone know good renaturation buffer that I could use? I have found some informations for the proteins in solution, but I am not sure if the same buffer would work for the proteins already binded to the membrain. Or maybe my problem is not the folding at all. Have anyone has any idea what could be a problem? Thank you very much for any advice. smile.gif


if there is no established refolding protocol for your protein you have to optimize; the best is to optimize refoldinggsystematically; try a refolding kit such as

where 92 (!) possible refolding buffers are offered

-The Bearer-