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vertical streaking - (Nov/08/2006 )

i am getting vertical streaking all the way down my gel, my band is present, but so are the streaks, does anyone know what might cause them or how to get rid of them, thanks.


It wil be easier to troubleshoot if you can upload the gel picture. POssibiliteis could be:
1. Forgot to add TAE/TBE buffer in gel.
2. Ran the gel at very high voltage.
3. Buffer is not optimized.
4. DNA degradation?
What about the ladder? was it running properly? If NO try making new buffer and run at lower voltage.


This is most likely not the case, but you aren't trying to digest genomic DNA are you? Also, do your enzyme/s exhibit Star Activity? You can correct for star activity be assuring that your digestion has less than 12.5% glycerol and by checking the Mn concentration.


Are you running a restriction digest, or a PCR reaction? smile.gif