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Is restriction enzyme Srf1 a good cutter? - (Nov/06/2006 )

Hi all,
Srf1 is a 8bp restriction enzyme from Stratagene. I would like to know if this restriction enzyme, Srf1 a good cutter? Does anybody have any experience using this enzyme?

thank you


Hmm... anyone? Knock Knock.


I use Srf I as part of the PCRScript cloning kit. I found it necessary to reduce the amount of enzyme by 50% to prevent nibbling of the ends. In this kit, the vector is supplied precut by Srf I and addition of an insert destroys the Srf I site. The ligation reaction includes Srf I in order to recut the plasmid every time the vector religates without an insert during a 2 hour incubation at room temperature.


Not as good as Eco R1, but it does a decent job.

Maybe stratagene should use a nano-sharpner to sharpen its cutting edge.


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I've had limited use but it appears to work fine.