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DNA Digoxigenine labeling kit - (Nov/06/2006 )

Do anyone know an easy kit or fast method for labeling nucleic acids with digoxigenine.

In my ex lab we used the "DIG-Chem-Link Labeling and Detection Set" from Roche but that product is now discontinued sad.gif

Thank you for your help and tips.


You could try the PCR labelling system for making probes, basically just uses PCR to make and label a probe with a DIG-dUTP/dNTP mix.

What are you trying to use DIG labelled probes for? Do you need to use the DIG chem link system? I thought that was for 5' labelling of probes.


Spiking dig-dUTP into a standard PCR reaction is definitely the easiest way to do this, and works extremely well. Note the usual problems of dUTP failing with most enzymes other than Taq. You don't need to make a new dNTP mix with weird percentages -- just add the dig-dUTP to the mix (Roche makes it more complex than it needs to be).