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When I chage Taq polymerase - (Nov/03/2006 )

I try to do PCR in the same woked condition. But it's very bad when I change the trademark of Taq polymerase. I don't know it means some trademark of taq is suitable with some condition. I used to compare by using the same condition of 2 reaction of PCR except different taq. The result is the old taq that I used to use is good for PCR. what does it mean? blink.gif unsure.gif biggrin.gif

Thank you


I had the same problem when testing a free sample of taq and it made me not even want to switch even if it was cheaper!

Some suggestions:

Make sure you used the same number of units of taq as before, the taq may be less concentrated.
Check that you are using the correct MgCl2 concentration for your new taq, the stock could be a different concentration.
Make sure you used the buffer that came with your new taq.
Check the product insert for the optimal concentration of dNTPs for your new taq and any special PCR program.
If it's none of these things, you could try a few different concentrations of your new taq and try to optimize that.

-Zona Pellucida-

Thank you for your kind. I do PCR all last night. Can't know why it doesn't work. Thank you . I don't give up to try again . smile.gif mellow.gif huh.gif wacko.gif