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Hygromycin B Stock Solution - (Nov/03/2006 )

Can anyone tell me how to make a 50mg/ml hygromycin B stock solution from the dry chemical? I know it involves the percent purity of the chemical and the gram formula weight but I can't remember how to do the calculations. Thanks a bunch!


so isn't anywone who can help you in your lab????


QUOTE (fred_33 @ Nov 6 2006, 09:39 AM)
so isn't anywone who can help you in your lab????

i wouldn't be asking if someone in the lab could help. can you?


for a weight/volume solution you don't need formula weight.

if you want to make a 50 mg/ml stock and your dry powder is 100% then you weigh 50 mg and suspend to 1 ml. if your stock is lower than 100% then divide 50 mg by the percentage (in decimal). if it is 97% then 50/0.97.

you don't have to be that accurate in weighing your powder. just weigh some out and divide the total by your required/ml amount and you will know the final volume you should make.

by the way, there has to be someone in the lab who could help you with this, even if it is the person who assigned you the task. that is, unless you are alone.