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100bp ladder prozyme or promega dont have the chart - anyone has chart? (Oct/31/2006 )

I have borrowed a 100bp ladder from my friiend. He lost the chart that depicts the mass of the bands.
He says that the ladder was from prozyme.
i am postin a pic of the ladder. can anyone help?


I found this on the promega website (first picture) and it kinda looks like your 100bp picture, I hope it's right!

Neew England Biolabs also has this chart for their 100bp ladder (second picture). I don't know how comparable the two are, but here is the information:

Fragment Size (bp) Mass (ng)
1 1,517 45
2 1,200 35
3 1,000 95
4 900 27
5 800 24
6 700 21
7 600 18
8 517 97
8 500 97
9 400 38
10 300 29
11 200 25
12 100 48

Concentration: 500ug/mL Loaded 5ug on a 1.3% TAE gel


I got this info from Promega, although they don't sound too sure of themselves. I hope this helps more so than my last post smile.gif

From Promega--
"You will see
that there is no indication given for the amounts of the individual
bands. We have estimated the amounts of the individual bands to be as
follows for 6 microliters per lane:

100-400bp 50 ng DNA
500bp 150 ng DNA
600-1000 bp 50 ng DNA

I hope that this information is what you are looking for. Please be
aware that while we have these quantitites we do not qualify any of our
DNA ladders as quantitation markers."