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DNA loading buffer - (Oct/27/2006 )

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Has anyone tried by adding ethidium bromide in the loading buffer? What are advantages and disadvantages, apart from the fact that I need to wait for 5 mins before loading the samples to the gel.

I am thinking of this idea as I am screening SNPs by PCR and making a new gel every time is time-consuming and wasteful process so I made a huge gel that I plan to reuse. So the process goes as follows-
1. Make a huge gel and use it.
2. When you want to reuse, run it overnight to get rid of all the DNA in there so its clean by the morning.
3. Reuse this gel by using samples where Ethidium bromide is already added in the dye.

By this way, I avoid making ethidium bromide buffer tank to stain the gel.

Does anybody think that my idea of adding EtBr in loading dye is wrong, stupid or wasteful?? Suggesitons are welcome.

-Jiang M-

i'm not ok with reusing gels... SNP are although tough stuff aren't they ?
is it agarose gels or polyacrilamide ones ? (i'm not familiar with the technique sorry)
for agarose i would advice never reuse a gel within a day (mean wells which were not used in first experiment


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