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which kit for blood DNA isolation is better - (Oct/26/2006 )

hi people, i've tried isolating dna and detecting several genes by multiplex before. I used a simple conventional kit that time however, I find whatman FTA technology quite intersting.

I would like to try out this product, because i need to get blood sample from children ( youknow how difficult it is) so i need a small amount of blood sample as possible ( just a finger prick). I was thinking what will you choose between these two whatman products:

I just need a small amount of DNA for mulltiplex PCR from a small amount of blood sample.

If i were you, what will i purchase?

By the way, my funding is limited,all i need is DNA sample.


i don't use these but i would buy the first one which seems cleaner for preparations
the second one imply to cut and move sample... not really good.


Have you considered buccal swabs rather than FTA paper? they are much less invasive

-John Buckels-

thank you all for your comments. I was also thinking of buccal swabs but my problem is i cant immediately process the samples and isolate dna from it immediately because i will collect it far from my lab and transport it back to lab after several days.

can you recommend a kit or any advise on how can i obtain small amount less invasive means of getting sample,transporting it and isolating dna later? thank you.


buccal swabs would be fine for this application in my experience.

-John Buckels-