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cytolysis assay - something instead 51Cr ? (Oct/18/2006 )

Hi all
I'm planning to realize some cytolysis assays with NK and K562 cells.
Usually people work with 51Cr wacko.gif , which is released from the lysed cells after NK action.
Has someone used something else, not radioactive instead of 51Cr for this kind of experiments ?


CFSE staining, and then you FACS the cells.
you need to stain some non recognized cells with an other dye in the same time, in the same well to have an internal control. i don"t remember the name of this other dye. I never did it peronally.
(I did 51Cr and I understand you would like to find an other method)


you could try the cytotox96 non radioactive LDH release assay kit from seems to work fine.