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How to get rid of bacterial Endotoxin ? - (Oct/12/2006 )

I need infomation and protocols to get rid of bacterial endotoxin from samples smile.gif . If someone has protocol or related information, please let me inform.


you can check this website:


it was left on this forum by an advertiser but may be what you are looking for.


Methods how you can remove endotoxins are:
 Heat sterilization
 Treatment of strong acid or alkali
 Adsorption on activated carbon, asbestos or barium sulphate
 Distillation
 Reverse osmosis
 Ultrafiltration
 Two-phase extraction
 Adsorption technique
- Ion-exchange chromatography
- Affinity chromatography (e.g. EndoTrap)
- Size-exclusion chromatography
- Reverse-phase chromatography