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getting rid of Endotoxin - Protocol needed for making sample endotoxin free (Oct/08/2006 )

Hi Guys

I need infomation and protocols to get rid of endotoxin. If someone has protocol or related information, please let me inform.


hi chemist4future ! well you didnt mention from where you want to remove endotoxin.
1. if it is from media , best way is to prevent entry of endotoxins there. buy endotoxin free media . do not use contaminated flasks etc for media preparation. use specific set of glass ware for media preparation and clean them immediately and sterilize them ready for next use.
2. sigma sells a chemical "E-toxate" to treat your glass ware. prepare the solution treat your glass ware as mwntioned and wash them thoroughly with single distilled water, sterilise them and use. even in this case you need to use endotoxin free media.
all the best


Thanks for ur reply. Actually one part of our group is working on hemocyanin, so I m writing on their behalf as I don't have sufficient knowledge of this area.
They want haemocyanin free from endotoxin, as you make free enotoxin antibodies. Do u have some protocol or weblink for this?



i dont know how much relevent this site .

"PyroCLEAN represents a pharmaceutical biodegradable detergent which will solubalize endotoxin so it may be rinsed away with water, alcohol's or bases, alone or in combination which renders a pharmaceutical surface free of endotoxin. PyroCLEAN will also solubalize many light machine oils and silicone so they may also be rinsed away."


Is this website correct, as it is not responding


Methods how you can remove endotoxins:
 Heat sterilization
 Treatment of strong acid or alkali
 Adsorption on activated carbon, asbestos or barium sulphate
 Distillation
 Reverse osmosis
 Ultrafiltration
 Two-phase extraction
 Adsorption technique
- Ion-exchange chromatography
- Affinity chromatography (e.g. EndoTrap)
- Size-exclusion chromatography
- Reverse-phase chromatography