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defroze RNA for too long - (Oct/05/2006 )

Hi everyone,

Today, i try to defroze my RNA before measuring its 260/280 ratio. However, I leave it too long (15-20 min) before i do this. I still got a good ratio: 1.99. Is this means my RNA is still ok, or is there any chance that RNA has break down already or make have problems or denaturing it. Thanks for your help


hi kevin_lets709394,

you mean total RNA? just run it on a gel and see if the ribosomal bands are still intact. An OD measuremnet does not tell you if the RNA is still intact,


There should not be any problem.... "pure" RNA should be enough tough to survive it... although it is widely known that is very is due to the fact that is "never" pure of proteins (thus RNases) and in open environment (long open tube) is degraded... by Rnases