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DNA gel picture labeling - too many samples to label by hand - (Oct/04/2006 )

We run 96-well DNA agarose gels for mouse genotyping. Matching the PCR results to different samples require cutting and manual labeling of the gel, a very tedious procedure. Is there a way to annotate DNA agarose gel pictures?


u could type out (annotate) one gel and save it as template and copy paste from this one for all future gels.


laugh.gif Problem solved. Searching on Google for "agarose gel annotation" I came across a software designed just to solve this problem. In fact it is from a mouse genotyping service company that uses it to report PCR results to users. Somebody certainly has spent some time on it. Apparently the software automatically finds the lanes and labels them according to an excel file. A genotyping facility could really benefit from it. The company is GeneTyper ( The software is called "Genotate".