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Counterstains - Whats a good alternative to hematoxylin? (Oct/03/2006 )

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a counterstain for some sections that I have stained with NBT/BCIP (purple). I don't want to use hematoxylin, since this is too close to the NBT/BCIP stain. Does anyone have any ideas?

I've been looking at trying Nuclear Fast red (also known as Kernechtrot stain), but the few photos I can find on the internet do not show very good staining. Has anyone tried this, and if so, did it work well for you? If not, are there any alternatives? I do not want to sue a fluorescent counterstian (eg. DAPI etc).

Thanks heaps everyone!


Would eosin work? I have never tried it with BCIP.