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dynamic well factors failed in a BIO-RAD machine - (Oct/02/2006 )


I would like to ask a question for those people who use BIO-RAD for real-time PCR analysis;
I am having problem recently: saying dynamic well factors failed from experimental plate:

As preliminary trouble shooting, I adjusted the mask; collected peristent well factors; everything is updated and looks fine:

As I start my experiment and the machine fails to collect dynamic well factors:

Please can any one help me with this greatest problem and save this little life!!!!!!



biggrin.gif welcome to the mistery world of BIO-RAD,

How long this machine has been sitting in your lab?
Also please copy down the error massage <error no. ##> when your experimental plate failed.
Then, just call the technician and tell them the no. of the error massage.

Usually, our BIO-RAD just can't be fixed mad.gif

Pray for you....


>> dynamic well factors failed from experimental plate

Lotsa things can cause this. Here they are, more or less in order from most common to least common:

1) Lamp has burnt out. (seriously)
2) Plate setup does not exactly match experimental plate.
3) Using "blanks" in plate layout to represent empty wells.
4) Not using a SYBR mix containing a spike of fluorescein.
5) Using different probe concentrations on same plate.
6) Contaminated wells or lid.
7) Anything that could cause abnormally variable fluorescence between wells.

Those systems need to have a more-or-less uniform amount of fluorescence in all the wells that are designated in the plate setup, at the start of the run, in order to properly normalize things. Anything that can throw off fluorescence in your wells will cause this error.

Good luck!



I had exactly same situation today.
So, I moved my plate right column (did not use whole plate.).
Seems not a permanent solution but it worked anyway smile.gif