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SDS-PAGE gel interpretation - sds page gel band reading (Oct/02/2006 )

hello all
can any body help me to how red the gel band ,(that which band has how much value)
i will be very thanx ful


What on earth is that?

What do really want to know? You must be more precise in asking your questions!


there is too much protein loaded or too intense staining; in any case, you may beyond linearity of stained signal; load less protein; for absolute determination of protein amounts, you need an internal control with appropriate reference proteins

-The Bearer-

I wonder if they are asking how to determine the relative molecular size.

This method is well described in the literature, generally explaining that you will plot the distance your molecular weight standards migrate on a semi-log graph ie distance in mm or cm and the molecular weight of the ref proteins plotted on the log axis.

Then measure the distance of migration of your unknown protein and plot this on the graph.
Then read off the interpolated molecular weight from the log axis.

Better descriptions can be found everywhere.