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acidic proteins in SDS-PAGE - (Sep/30/2006 )

I have protein which is concidered to be acidic
(pI = 3.9) when i do SDS-PAGE i get a size of 20 kDA
instead of 12 kDa. and i don't think it's the dimer form.
are their any actions i can do in order to see the real
size? or how can i be sure it's not a dimer?

This protein has no cysteins, so increasing DTT won't help...


Is it a glycoprotein?


QUOTE (genehunter-1 @ Sep 30 2006, 02:14 PM)
Is it a glycoprotein?

it's not a glycoprotein. it's a protein who's involved adhesive function


I would think of acetylations, phosphorylations, sulfonation (all acidic) or methylation as posttranslational modifications;

acetylations are known for histones (as epigenetic regulation method), transcription factors, receptors and others;

-The Bearer-