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rat Cytokine ELISA - (Sep/29/2006 )

Hi all...

I am trying work out an experiment. What I want to do is measure amounts of cytokine in bone marrow ECF. I have obtained sandwich ELISA kits from biosource. Now the only thing I am missing is a positive control. My pubmed searches have not been lucrative, thus far however maybe I am not using the right query.

I am wondering if anyone knows of or has used a chemical that does increase production of IL-1a&b and TGFb1 in rat BM extra cellular fluid. If someone could direct me to finding a positive control I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you,
Melissa Aycock


Dear Melissa,
I don't know anything about your model really but I would have thought something like lipopolysaccharide (LPS) would up-regulate IL-1beta (probably alphas aswell) and TGF-beta production. In cell culture systems, we've used 50-100ng/ml range. You probably need to do a literature search for your model (too high a dose will induce toxic shock).

All the best,