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Is a 100bp PCR product more prone to give non-specific signals in a hybridisatio - (Sep/28/2006 )

Hi all,
I am using aregualr PCR set up (no real-time) to amplify a gene which gives a 100bp product (approx). I am getting specific bands even in reagent controls, and the corresponding spots in hybridisation of the reagent controls. Is there a possibility that this could be due to the size of the amplified product. I have also tried using UDG enzyme to aliminate amplicons.

Please help! sad.gif


-balaji chettiar-

what would this have to do with the size? it sounds like contamination; have you done anything to change your components to see if you can make the band go away? are you setting up in a separate location from your post-PCR processing?

could you post a labeled pic of your gels?