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Trizol protein extraction - (Sep/28/2006 )

My question is: How does Trizol work for protein extraction from cultured cells? Do you know any tip for this technique to work well?
Thank you


the phenol which comprises 38% of trizol's volume as well as the 3M of guanidine thiocyanate denatures the protein (which forms a pellet). DNA and RNA come off with the supernatant of different pHs.

I don't use Trizol for protein work, so I can't help you there. Sorry.


I use Trizol for extracting protein from tumoral tissues, and I can say it works well, especially if u don't need to measure the protein activity. I normally follow the modified protocol you can find at following web site .

I nevere tried doing it for extracting from coltured cells, but normally the problem are tissues than cells, so I don't think u will have particular problem using it.

Alternatively you can use a a qiagen product (forgive me but I forgot the name, but if u are really interested I can try to find it out) thank to which u can extract RNA and protein as well, using columns.

Hope it helps