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dna isolation help! - (Sep/27/2006 )

dear all,
I've come to my wit's end over a seemingly very small problem. please help!!!!. sad.gif
I am doing dna extraction from mouse and hamster tissues. some of my samples are showing very good 260-280 ratio, however some of them (include both hamster and mouse tissues) show very poor ratios 1.6-1.65 even after repeated chisam purification. I changed the d/w, helped a little. but not much (ratios changed from1.5 to 1.6).
i am using water for dissolving. i have also tried dissolving in more volume in order to eliminate solubility problems. I've used same reagents for all the samples.
can this happen with degraded samples? hope not. ohmy.gif
any suggestions?


have a look at this: smile.gif