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enzyme inhibition by glycerol - (Sep/25/2006 )

Does anyone know how glycerol inhibits the enzyme activity?


"In proteins, processes involving conformational change are slowed by medium viscosity(1). The effect of viscosity on the rate of protein-dependent chemical reactions was originally described by Kramers (2). Kramers’ treatment was applied to protein folding and to other protein processes involving structural movements, such as folding or catalysis (3, 4). Following synthesis, proteins acquire a number of different conformations before reaching the “native” form. Likewise, denaturing involves passage through different unfolded states (5). In enzymes, during catalysis or ligand binding conformational changes occur, at least in the active site (6). Furthermore, many enzymes may exhibit widely different structural conformations, distinguishable by protease sensitivity, antibody recognition, circular dichroism or fluorescence (7). Thus, according to Kramers’ theory, enzymes alternating between widely different conformations during catalysis should be inhibited by viscosity "

for further info u could check the site below:


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