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Reverse Transcription RT-PCR - Help: which machines to use? (Sep/24/2006 )

Hi, I'm new to BioForum and am a student who has some research experience. In my previous lab, I reverse transcribed RNA into cDNA using a thermal cycler. Then I used another machine (ABI Prism 7000 sequence detection) to do the quantitative real-time PCR.

I've joined a new lab that's looking into purchasing the necessary instruments to do the entire reverse transcription and real-time qPCR experiments. Is there a machine out there that can do both? I'm sorry if this is an unintelligent question... it's just that the only way I know how to do it uses 2 machines, and I've looked at many product descriptions that just don't clearly provide the info I need.



the important thing to note here is that "real-time PCR machine" is just another type of thermal cycler

so of course, any machine that does real-time should also do straight PCR and RT reactions, it's all a matter of programming the block correctly.

if you get the right kit, you can add a master mix directly to your RNA and get it all to happen in one round in the machine (ABI does this for sure, and I bet they're not the only ones) it's called one-step RT-PCR. call up ABI and talk to their rep about it, if you can't find it on their website.