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RT-PCR primers - (Sep/22/2006 )

Hi evreybody

Could anyone tell me which is the difference between regular primers (for DNA template) and RT-PCR primers for prokaryotes?
Thank you


primers are primers, and they all do the same thing: bind ssDNA in order to allow for amplification

RT PCR primers are different in that they are generally made against cDNA and not against genomic DNA

in prokaryotes, there wouldnt' be as much difference as with eukaryotes. you wouldn't have to worry about introns and exons. I think the only problem would be that you would need to use an alternative method to distinguish reactions that contain genomic DNA carryover contamination


Use random hexamers as primers to create your cDNA if its from prokaryote.


Why can you not use a gene specific primer for the RT rxn in prokaryotes?