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looking for interferon titration kit - immunology/virology (Sep/22/2006 )

I need to titrate the secretion of Interleukines and Inteferons in virally infected human cells (in vitro) ,, can someone recommend a kit ?
i'm not looking to titrate a special cytokine, but i want a kit which can measure out a panel of IFs and ILs in infected cells .

thanks for help



I use a kit form R&D biotehnologies (ELISA duoSet) to measure TNF-alpha in the supernatants of cells.
I know there are also comercial kits to measure IL10, IL2 and IFN-gamma.
Sorry but I can't seem to find the catalog numbers.

Hope this helps


I know there r kits for individual cytokines but a common one for many of them, I dont know.

I have used kits to detect IFN-alpha.


Using a luminex machine you could measure mutiple interleukins and interferons only problem is the machine is expensive as are the kits. BD make the Cytokine bead array system which is the same idea (and came before the luminex) you can use this on a flow cytometer aswell.



Thanks for your answers...

Ceri, do you have the catalog number of the BD kit ( or its name ) ?


The product name is cytometric bead array (CBA), just search for it on the BD website. They sell different kits for human and mouse to measure a set of specific cytokines or you can buy individual sets of beads for one cytokine and mix a number of these together (as long as the fluoresence of the bead isn't the same for different cytokines). I think it works out cheaper if you get a pre-mixed kit so try and find one of those that suits your needs.

Looking quickly at what was available I couldn't see IFN alpha or beta just IFN gamma. So you might have to do ELISAs for these and the rest by CBA.

I guessing you don't have access to a luminex reader (BioRad/R&D/luminex etc.). The CBA/luminex should work out easier and comparable/cheaper in price to running ELISAs if you don't already have the ELISA kits and is a real advantage if you don't have alot of sample to run the individual ELISAs.



Thanks Ceri,, I'll look for that kit ...