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Coimmuno and how it links back to GST pulldowns and the yeast two hyrdrid system - Need help with basic question...... (Sep/22/2006 )

Hey everyone,

I've been looking for a comparisson of the co-immunoprecipiation against the use of the GST pulldown and yeast two hybrid system on the net for ages without resolve. I need this information as the last part of a project poster which would tie it all nicely together with the diagrams that i have made. Although i have some idea of how these three techniques are interlinked together i have only formed these conclusion from scientific papers i have read and thus their validity may be questionable. If anyone can help me, even with a link of some sort or just give dot point which i can later expand on that would be fantastic.

Thanks again guys



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yeast two hybrid system is part of artificial, because of the non eukaryotic modifications possibilty, and the fact that the interaction may not be direct.
So coIP and GST pull down are for that purpose.

coIP and GST pull down... Well coIP can be done in living cells with either natural or tagged protein.
GST pull down need to be done in only tagged protein way

Finally by GST pull down, you can assay different cell type extracts incubation, and normalizing the quantity of GST prot added.