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Maltose Binding Protein - Information on maltose binding protein... (Sep/19/2006 )

I would like to know if anyone has experience in expressing proteins with maltose binding...
I´m trying to enhace the yields of soluble protein in my experiments. I´m gonna try expressing them with pmal-c2x...



i have used the vector once. it is great for producing the soluble protein.all the protein is soluble without pellet. but your protein should not be too big, because the maltose binding protein itself is big(about 42kd).
common DNA clone technique can finish the construction work.
be careful, your culture mdium must include 0.2-2% glucose. Or your purification must failed.


check this link..




I used and am using......... But only MBP was expressed, not the fusion protein......... ph34r.gif


what did u do ?
there is something wrong cause your protein to be cleaved....


Yes. I am searching for these cause.

I used MBP-fusion protein succesfully once, but only once ~~~~>_<~~~~ Maybe this time the protein is tooo strange to the E coli...