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hi there
i am doing GST -FUSION PROTEIN pull down assay
i want to know how long can my GST -protein sepharose beads be stable in 4 degree?
i dont do elution of my protein.

and another thing in my e coli culture how long can my plated transformed cells keep the GST- protein? 2 months in 4 degree????




Hi Spanishflower,

I usually like to use my beads within a month or two.

As for the plates I like to re-plate within a month.

Hope this helps



thankx scott
i do checked my cells today for inducability and it gave nothing , my plates are 2 months old.
and for my beads i also checked them today by sds page and found that a very faint band appeared in stained gel and my beads are 3 weeks old.
thankx again