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nucleic acids gel densitometry - (Sep/17/2006 )

How can I do the densitometry analysis of this photo?

I In the first lane I load 1 microlitre of ladder 1Kb plus and at the second 3 microlitres of sample from 100 microlitres.

I prepared the 0.8% agarose gel without EtBr, so I stained before for 15 min in a solution 100 microlitres/100 ml.

How can I known how many DNA are in the ladder bands to compare my sample?



The amount of DNA in your ladder should be found in the little sheet of paper that came with the ladder. Alternatively look up the company catalog book from which you purchase the marker from. The catalog should state both the number of bands and the size and amount of DNA within each band.

Not to be critical or anything, but by the looks of the ladder, the gel is not dense enough. Perhaps a gel with higher density might be better. A 1% or even a 1.2%