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DNA quantitation on agarose gel - (Sep/17/2006 )

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Many geldocs have a quantitation program built into them, so that you can compare intensity of bands, howvere, for this to work, you need an appropriately exposed picture and known concentrations with known intensities.


QUOTE (ARI_AMC @ Sep 18 2006, 08:00 PM)
hi zfin,
I sort of agree with the comments but make sure that the the ref DNA (ladder) and the sample is in the same solution and both in the same confugaration (denatured or not denatured). Secondary or tertiair sturctures of you DNA can cause concentration problems compared to the ladder.
I prefer to just measure the OD 260 with a spectofotometer (e.g.nanodrop)

good luck

I agree. Its more accurate.


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