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pH adjustment for potassium acetate solution - (Sep/11/2006 )

Hi everyone,

I was trying to prepare some potassium acetate solution for neutralization step in plasmid DNA extraction. The pH of the solution that I am trying to prepare is 4.8 (with acetic acid) but it requires a lot much more (around 250ml of acetic acid) compared to the amount needed to prepare pH 5.5 (115ml of acetic acid per 1L prep. and also the common amount of acetic acid that is suggested in most online protocol).

So, has anyone been using potassium acetate with pH4.8 for plasmid DNA preparation? Will it be different between both pH of the solution?

Thanks a lot in advance.



Hmm.. interesting... and no I have never played with the composition of my solution III.

I guess it would mean that the final solution, after adding this neutralising solution to the lysis solution is acidified.

An acidic solution is in my mind not a good thing for DNA. DNA is not preserved well in acidic solutions.
I don't know... I guess you could try a small run on a duplicate cell culture and compare the standard Potassium Acetate solution verse the high acidity one. And see which does better.