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protein - protein stroage (Sep/10/2006 )

hello all
we extracted protein from wheat seed now at what temperature we store it.and y?


we aliquot it out and store it at - 20 degrees. then only remove enough aliquot for whatever expt we planned. prevents the degradation of protein due to constant freezze- thaw cycles. it also depends on your protein; some proteins are cold-denaturation sensitive. others aren't and can also be kept at - 80 deg. others need to be stored at - 20 in some amount of glycerol. however if you store in glycerol you should keep it as low as possible, as it increase viscosity which is not so great for spectroscopic or crystallisation work.


For western blots I keep the proteins and -80 and at -20 after I add sample buffer and boil the sample


we store all protien extracts at -80C.


It is believed that at -80oC the enzymatic and biological processes cannot take place. Therefore it is reccomended to store your protein extracts at -80oC


however some time the freezing process can destroy the biological activity of your protein.
If needed, check that the protein is still biologically active after freezing. If not, store the protein in 50 % glycerol at -20°C