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gDNA salvage for PCR from mounted tissue sections - Is it possible? (Sep/07/2006 )


I need to try and extract some gDNA from some E17 mouse embryo brain sections (45um sections, I think) that are mounted on slides and coverslipped. The sections have had immunohistochemistry performed on them (DAB staining), and so have been through all numbers of solutions, as well as xylene once mounted on the slides, so I'm not sure if this is at all possible. The gDNA has to be good enough quality for PCR to check the genotype of the embryo.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this (get the sections off the slides, digested, and DNA purified), or know if this is possible?



There are kits to perform these types of DNA extractions. If the DNA has not been stained, the samples should be in good shape. Essentially you will have to perform the extraction and then determine the quality of DNA.


If you don't want to try a kit - you may be able to perform a standard tissue lysis and DNA purification, however your sample will be very dirty. This may work for genotyping however.