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AT1 receptor expression and quantification (WB) - need advice (Aug/30/2006 )


i am new in this field...i am working on polyclonal AT1 receptor (sc-1173) antibody from Santa Cruz...Has anyone worked on this antibody before? need some advice if possible...the primary ab dilution i am using is 1:1200 and the secondary ab is 1:1300...i am getting the required band but sometimes its clear and sometimes its faint (not sure why????). can anyone advice?

i saw in the forum about Image J for quantification of the band? Can anyone example the steps for me if possible (my picture is colour-brownish as i scanned the membrane using normal scanner). I don't quite understand the manual blink.gif . please advice

thank you


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can't anyone help me with image J or scion image...just need a little info..........does the image need to be in black and white only or can a analyze coloured image (brownish-HRP)?