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solubility and stability of monoclonal antibodies - (Aug/29/2006 )

most Ab solutions are in PBS. We would like to study the interaction of a mouse monoclonal IgG2b with a protein under low ionic conditions, because salt causes the proein to polymerize. Are moAbs stable in, for example Tris, in the absence of salt ?


I've used a 50mM Bicarbonate solution that has worked for me in the past. I don't know about straight guess is that the pH would be too high.


some good ionic strength for Ab-antigen interaction is necessary for hydrophobic interaction; Tris-system is ok, we routinely use TTBS; Tris contributes to ionic strenght, try Tris/HEPES buffer instead of Tris/HCl sytem as Cl- may support your polymerization reaction, try different concentrations

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