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Various Laboratory Protocols. - (Aug/27/2006 )


I was wondering if someone can provide me a web link or possibly the name of a book that has very detailed, step by step, protocols for various laboratory techniques (from PCR, Western, Northerns…etc, to Medical Lab techniques).

I’ve searched the net for a couple of months and haven’t found detailed and step by step protocols. I even bought a few books claiming to be “techniques” but they only provided the theory aspect of it, and not step by step guides. sad.gif




hi david
there is agreat book called Molecular Cloning by Maniatis
i will give u some links;itool=toolbar


Current Protocol. Check link

-Minnie Mouse-

there are also some good protocols at the end of commercial catalogs, like USBiological...


And Of course this site if you click on the protocols tab (at the top of the page). You'll have to look around, but there are some which are quite good and detailed.

I also remeber that nature is starting a protocol repository. Last time I checked there was only one, the example of what kind of thing they were planning to add, but this was going to be detailed and argumented, worth a look on their site to see what is going on.


Some of the most detailed protocols and issue discussions are in the old series of books by Oxford Univerrsity Press with titles like "Gel Electrophoresis: A Practical Approach."