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what are dye blobs? - (Aug/26/2006 )

What are dye blobs? Someone told me that it is a second labled-ddNTP, binding to a labled sequence,...
I was not able to find something in the manual of the sequencer, and nothing in the book with course material,...

Thank's for your help


does this answers your question?


QUOTE (fred_33 @ Aug 28 2006, 05:33 PM)

Thats exactly the page i read, before i started this topic. There is no real answer what dye blobs are. In The AB-Users Manual, there was also only a picture of raw data (there you can see why it is called "blob" ;-) ), but i do not understand the chemistry behind it,...
Are dye-blobs more than one dye-molecule? (I think so, because dyeblob appear in different stages of the sequencing) - but how do they bind together? Or are the bound to DNA-strands?