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PGK promoter sequence - Somebody know how can I get it? (Aug/25/2006 )

Hello everybody,

I'm writting for a request. Ihope someone can help me.

I have a plasmid for working, that has been modified a lot so I need to se if a sequence I need is there. So, I'm looking for the sequence of the PGK promoter (I guess is the one that in in the pPGK Neo plasmid), because I need to make a primer for sequencing something in front of it. I have found one article with S. Cerevisae sequence but I'm not sure that is the same as in pPGK Neo plasmid, which map I can not find.

If some body could help me to find the sequence or know of a confiable primer I could use to amplify 5'- 3' I would be great.

Tanks a lot!


PGK promoter :



Tanks a lot!!!!